Soundsational DEMO car

JL ZR800-CW 8-inch (200 mm) Component Woofer In Fiberglass molded front kickpanel's ZR100-CT 1-inch (25 mm) Component Tweeter Alpine INE-927HD headunit The double din dash mod was time consuming but worth it JL XD600/1 Monoblock Class D Subwoofer Amplifier JL XD400/4 4-Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier 4 8W1v2 8-inch Subwoofer Driver

1941 Cadillac

Check out Rod and Aileen Kragness’s 1941 Cadillac -- this was the first classic we did for Rod, we later did his '55 Chevy Pick Up. This car is an audiophiles dream, featuring three sets of Focal Utopia 3-Way components, 1000 watts of Phoenix Gold TI power, and 2 JL Audio 10” W6v2 Subwoofers. Behind the beautiful perforated leather in the trunk and kick panels are the three sets of Focal Seperates, the trunk is lined in leather and Germna Wilt & Wool carpet, the amplifiers are mounted vertically allowing the Kragness' to retain some storage space for when they take this baby to the shows.

Soundsational pulled out all the stops on this one and built a motorized glove box that hides the Alpine in-dash DVD player! These are some nice folks who love to drive their cars, like many of our classic customers the Kragness' enjoy the audio/video systems we install on a fairly regular basis and actually experience the excellent sound over the motor (or they can turn in down to enjoy listening to the power of the engine as well).

1937 Ford Sedan

Owned by Jason and "Sam" Reed, this sedan has been redone a couple of times, it is also pictured in our locations section with the initial color scheme. After he had it painted to match his baby (a 1956 Ford Pick Up), Jason brought it back to us to take it beyond. Pictured is a limited edition Audison HS Venti Thesis amplifier and two Focal 8" BE Subwoofers; replacing the trunk, Jason has had a tear drop trailer painted to match, the hitch is hidden beneath the back of the car. This car is a beauty that is constantly evolving and we have the pleasure of being a part of the transformation.

2004 Powerstroke

Two weeks of late nights went into this truck. Soundsational was asked to get this truck ready for the Brickyard 400. Lightning Audio sponsored this monster complete with 8 LA Amplifiers, 4 LA 12" competition subwoofers and multiple sets of MB Quart Components.

2005 Scion XB

Two weeks of late nights went into this truck. Soundsational was asked to get this truck ready for the Brickyard 400. Lightning Audio sponsored this monster complete with 8 LA Amplifiers, 4 LA 12" competition subwoofers and multiple sets of MB Quart Components.

1932 Convertible

Owner - Irwin Schimmel

1933 Ford Cabriolet

Owner Dennis Burri's 1933 Ford Cabriolet. Dennis is like many of our customers, he over the years has become an friend as well. We first encountered Dennis on his first rod "Glow Tech 32", a candy orange '32 Ford Sedan -- it was a beauty. We were connected with Dennis by Ron Hulse of Classic Rod and Custom, we frequently work closely with this particular builder and get in on the project almost in the infancy of developing the customer's "vision" for their car.

This project features 2 JL Audio 8W7 subwoofers in a custom enclosure. Powering this system is the Zapco 4KW Amplifier that drives the Phoenix Gold TI Elite front stage. We have also installed 2 Accele 7" motorized monitors in the trunk ran from an Alpine DVD System in the dash. This car also pulls a "Tear-drop" trailer with a KVH in-motion satellite system and Sharp 37" LCD TV. We have also helped in the building and design of the video display signage of the car, David Rossiter put together the DVD that loops on the screen during shows. David has gotten pretty close to this car, he has gone to several shows, from California to Alaska with Dennis to help in the set up and tear down -- he knows this car inside out and takes a great deal of personal pride (as well as professional pride) in seeing the countless awards this car has received.

1937 Chevy

Blue Bad Boy

1949 Plymouth

October 1, 2007 -- Gary Hughes was a remarkable man, he was bigger than life and he never tried to be. He had a zest for life and for his family and a smile that lit up a room -- his laugh was infectious and his heart was full. To say he was a fighter is an understatement, to say he wouldn't give up doesn't even begin to describe his determination. It was a privilege to have been able to help him see this dream car come to fruition, to know that he took this car to shows all over and won awards every time, to see the pride in his face when he took his first trophy at the Portland Roadster Show in 2006 . He will be greatly missed, it was a honor for those of us at Soundsational to have known him and count him as a friend. He was very supportive of Matt and I in our hour of need, he was a strength for us that I can not explain. There are no words adequate ..... Our prayers to his family. This Plymouth is a tribute to Fire Fighters everywhere.

The owner, Gary Hughes, loves to tell the stories of how a car like this has great memories for him and the fact that not many people restore this particular car makes it even more enjoyable for him to take it to shows. We worked closely with Jon Lind Interiors as the car was being built, which allowed us to run the wires before the carpet was glued down and integrate the stereo "seamlessly"to the interior of the car. This ride has: Eclipse AVN5500, 4 Audison LRX amplifiers, 2 sets of Focal 165K3P 3-way seperates, 2 (I know it looks like 3) JL Audio 10W6v2 subwoofers, and a 17" Monitor in the trunk. When we do these "crazy" custom installs in these specialty vehicles we work closely with our vendors, like JL (that 3rd sub, that is actually a cover to the gas cap), to give the customer a little something extra that no one else will have. We also install complete show circuitry to allow the systems to be fully powered even when the battery and such have to be disconnected and taped off during exhibitions.

1951 Cadillac

Smooth Caddy

1959 Corvette

Check out Dom's '59 Vette. This system was built from the ground up. It's got full iPod integration through an Alpine Deck. Focal Mids and Tweeters and 3 JL 8w6's for the low end. We also dropped in a center channel for perfect sound quality and imaging up front. Powering the whole system is 2 Alpine PDX amps. Running a total of 1900 watts, this Vette looks great and sounds awesome. Take a look at the clean install in the trunk. Matt, our lead installer pulled out all the stops! Check out the "Corvette" logo embossed in the vinyl in the trunk. Matt also installed a ton of blue LED lights in the front grill, the interior and the trunk. One final attention to detail is the red LED in the Corvette logo on the trunk lid!

1967 Ford Mustang

This is one classic that sounds every bit as good as it looks. This is truly a product of a our customer saying "do it, but make it look like it was supposed to be like that from the factory!" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

1967 Corvette

Owner - Fred Mintze

1999 Dodge Ram

This system was FULL BLOWN, we had to replace the back window from a sliding window to solid and later had to replace the side windows and epoxy them shut because the owner literally blew them out! This truck had an unbelievable amount of product. For this one, it's gonna be easier to just list it out:

Alpine IVA-D900, NVE-N852A, PXA-H710 Clarion Half Din Center Channel 3 Zapco 9.0 2000 Watt Amplifiers, 1 Zapco 4x150, 1 Zapco 2x75 3 Eclipse 15" Titaniums Quad 1 ohm voice coils (Which began as 3 13W7's pictured) 1 Focal Polyglass 10, 5 tweet seperates, 5" seperates in the rear 4 Optima Yellow Top Batteries Dynamat (lots of Dynamat) Compustar two way with Autostart, oh and, Yes, it was uncomfortable at full tilt.

Richard's 1993 RX7

In a word CLEAN ... Full trunk trim out with cover

2010 Mercedes

Older amp and Newer car brought togeather By an audison Bitone

1972 Camaro

One loud 70's throw back Alpine 6X9's behind factory vent's up front 2 JL 10's in the back

2009 Escalade

2004 M3

Anniversary edtion JL W7 in custom ported box